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Patrick Sharp invites Australian fan on locker room tour

1604404_681814418529287_691711225_nUntitled 4The Chicago Blackhawks have always in active in the community and serving their fans, but Patrick Sharp reinforced that statement after making one superfan’s dream come true.

Warwick Cuthbert is from Melbourne, Australia and is a big Blackhawks fan. He came all the way out to Chicago for 3 weeks to go to a few Blackhawks and Bulls game, but he got the surprise of his life on Thursday.

During Eric and Kathy’s morning show stint called “The Sharp Attack” where Patrick Sharp talks on the show, Warwick was introduced to Sharp over the phone.

They explained how Warwick has come all the way from Australia to come see the Hawks play and how much he loves the hockey team. The two exchanged a few words and right before they were about to sign off, Patrick butted in and asked if he’d like to come down to the locker room after the game, meet the players and see the entire facility.

The gesture was completely unplanned, stunning Warwick, Eric and Kathy themselves. Nothing but pure class from Sharp. Check out the podcast here. And video of the tour here.


4 thoughts on “Patrick Sharp invites Australian fan on locker room tour

  1. “With #10 on his back…it’s the Sharp Attack”

    Great song, great show, great guy!!!

    Posted by Petra | January 9, 2014, 11:11 pm
  2. Forgive me, great article too…well done!

    Posted by Petra | January 9, 2014, 11:47 pm

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